Ask Zecora

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Oh, greetings, wise and striped one!
To ask a question I have come.
Please, tell me, have you ever seen
Predator plants in Everfree?
The ones as big as they could grab
A whole pony in their grasp.

I'm sorry if my rhymes are wrong,
Since English isn't my mother's tongue.

I’ve seen such things in this my wood

Where wand’ring rarely does you good.

... why do you balance like that, is it some sort of meditation?

You are correct, my clever friend!

Against my stress it seems to fend.

Potion Making
Can be interesting
But also quite perplexing
Can you help me start?

This might well throw you for a loop:

Just start by simply making soup!

Potions are just more specialized

Of sim’lar stuff they are comprised.

You seem to balance quite well on that stick
How in the world did you learn that trick?

I learned it from a unicorn

Who balanced only on her horn!

She was more impressive by far

Truly a circus pony star.

((*awws and wishes she could send you a link* hehe on the comment on the bee zebra, you look at Equestria Daily and seen the comic with the little rainbow Zecora?))

((No I haven’t! (<- is terrible at keeping up with ED) but it sounds adorable))

=D I simply love the way you talk, its amazing you can work out things fast enough to make coherant sentances that continue to rhyme, did it take you a long time to master that, or does it come naturaly to you?

To these couplets I’m simply drawn;

they’re effortless for me to don!

Have you seen humans before?
or are my kin just folklore?

I know not those of which you speak,

Perhaps these creatures are quite meek?

You strike me as a poestic type,
Tell me friend, do you write?
(Slant rhyming makes me sad,
And that one was rather bad)

Writing has this permanence

That to me makes little sense.

I say a thing and then move on.

No sense in dwelling on what’s gone.

Just give me the most foul tasting herb you have....
Else, i will have to remove my own tongue, and i'd rather not.

At your request, here’s something foul

Made from the droppings of an owl.

It will kill taste buds, but the pain

Will destroy almost any stain.